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60% 12ft Width Sunblock Shade Panel, Tarp Mesh, Taped Edge with Grommets
/ Knitted 60%
Spec. Price Quantity (EA)
12ft x 12ft $31.41
12ft x 16ft $41.94
12ft x 18ft $38.15
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  • The sunblock shade cloth keep your greenhouse or patio from overheating under the hot summer sun. And provide a more comfortable living space. 


    60% Shading rate, keep 40% sunlight out, provide a protect from overheat while you can still enjoy the sunlight needed.


    Livestock_Shade_SGreenhouse shade cover. 
    Shade cover for row tunnels and other shade structures 
    Used to warm soil and to reduce moisture loss through evaporation 
    Protection against hail and wind and weather damage. 
    Used as Bird Netting 
    Livestock and kennel shading. 
    Used as temporary fencing. 
    Can be used as a wind break 
    Used as a privacy screen on patios and decks. 
    Used for recreation such as sport arenas shading, ball diamonds, swimming pool covers and tennis court walls.

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