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5ft Width 3.2oz Heavy Duty Weed Barrier Fabric,Landscaping Fabric
3.2 oz/sq.yd / 5ft Width
Spec. Price Quantity (EA)
5ft x 100ft $48.4
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  • AgFabric weed barrier is the ideal choice for general purpose weed control featuring 3.2 oz. woven, needle punched, polypropylene fabric designed for professional and commercial use. Superior strength and durability combined with convenient colored lines located 12" apart for easy plant alignment.

    This quality weed barrier is the best in the industry for cost conscious professional and commercial installations. It is also ideal for retail consumers who demand professional quality products. Our Weed Barrier is a 3.2 oz., woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric with reinforced fiber for extra durability. Colored stripes located 12 inches apart make for easy plant alignment.

    Additional Features

    Stops weeds, allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through

    Superior light blocking, conserves soil moisture

    Available in retail sizes, easy to install, environmentally safe, great for commercial and permanent landscapes

    Lined for easy plant alignment

    Great for xeriscapes, conservation of water through creative landscaping

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