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Tree Mulch,Tree ring, Tree Protection Weed Mat, Tree Protect Ring, 24 Inch, Red and Brown ,12pack
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24'',12pack $218.26
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  • AgFabric 24-Inch diameter tree ring, tree ring mat, mulch tree ring is placed around the base of a tree to protect the trunk, to keep down weeds, and maintain a neat appearance in the landscape. Made from composite material that allows water, air and nutrients to get to the roots of the shrub or tree.

    AgFabric tree ring mats are made with a split thru the middle to allow for easy positioning around most tree bases. If needed for larger trees you can easily cut the mat with a pair of shears to fit many tree sizes. The tree rings come ready to use.

    The AgFabric tree ring offers many benefits such as saving you the time and labor of repeated mulching with loose mulch and prevents the loss of loose mulch due to heavy rains or irrigation drainage issues.

    Tree rings work wonderful in the yard but are also useful for commercial tree growers and farmers who grow produce from trees that require mulching such as apple trees. Also, AgFabric tree rings are porous so they will allow rainwater to pass through.

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