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2.05oz, 13' Width, Row Cover, Garden Fabric
A-70, 2.0oz / 13ft width
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  • AgFabric row cover is a versatile garden row cover fabric used in raised bed gardening and square foot gardening. Provides environment protection during unfavorable weather, allowing you to extend the growing season in both spring and fall. Also, helps to avoid transplant shock in new plantings. In cool weather areas, it can be used as summertime pest control.

    Grow cover, row cover is great for protecting new seeds and young seedlings and extending the growing season. High quality ultraviolet resistant material offers a long-life span and is the most efficient way to afford a beautifully sheltered space.

    The row cover keep vegetables growing in winter. In summer, row cover reflects the heat of summer away from vulnerable crops. Spray the cover with water during the heat of the day and it keeps raised beds cool. Start your warm season seeds about a month earlier if they are covered with grow cover.

    Protects your crops from birds, pests, slugs, snails and other hungry critters. Row cover provides a modified greenhouse environment around the plant, favorably resulting in more rapid growth, earlier maturity, and increased yields. Extends the growing season, increasing the harvest.

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