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6 Width, Weed Barrier Fabric, Landscaping Cloth
3.0 oz/sq.yd / 6ft width
Spec. Price Quantity (EA)
6'x100' $52.99
6'x50' $29.99
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  • Agfabric weed barrier fabric cloth is the ideal material to control the weed and keep your place neat and clear from the soil, too much water.

    •2.9 oz,heavy weight, durable and a good performance on weed control
    •Saves Big on Watering, by conserving the soil's moisture
    •10-12 years life span


    1. can effectively prevent the ground produce weeds, keep the floor clean.
    2. in favor of the growth of the root, prevent root rot.
    3. to prevent the growth of extra potted flower, improve the quality of potted flower.
    4. be helpful for cultivation and management: weaving with one-way mark line, put flower POTS or arrange outdoor cultivation matrix, can according to these signs line to accurately arrangement.
    5. black cloth covered with the regulation to plant the function of the growth cycle, so as to achieve the effect of control time to market of plant .

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